You will receive the same high quality repairs from our staff as expected under ISO9002 processes, with the added value of us providing a fully equipped repair centre transparent to your customers if required.

Present repair and refurbishment work comprises of:

  • All brands and models of printers.
  • Fujitsu and Avision high volume document scanners.
  • Most brands and models of PC monitors.
  • IBM, NCR Epson Fujitsu and ICL POS equipment.
  • Point of sale peripheral equipment.
  • Component level ( to surface mount) PCB and module repair to a variety of electronic equipment.
  • Plastics repair and renovation to equipment casing

We are certainly not limited to these products in scope and our specialist skills are particularly useful where customers require volume repairs.

We would also welcome the chance to survey equipment presently sent overseas for the opportunity to provide local repair.